58th National Film Awards Announced

Best director vetrimaaran for the Tamil filmAdukalam“.The tamil film “Adukalam” bagged handful of awards in the national film awards for best direction, best actor and best editing.

Best Actor award given to Dhanush for the tamil film Adukalam and  Salim kumar for the malayalam film “Adaminte makan abu”.The malayalam film “Adaminte makan abu” got the national awards for the best film, best actor and best cameraman.

The best cameraman award is bagged by Madhu Ambat for the film “Adaminte makan abu”.

The best actress                 :   1.  Mitalee Jagtat Varadhar for a Marathi film

2.  Saranya  ( Tamil film)

Best supporting actor     :   J.Thampi Ramayya for Tamil film Mynaa

Best supporting actress :    Sukumari for the film nannagramam

Best production design :     Sabu Cyril for the film “Enthiran

Best Editing                        :      Kishore  for the tamil film “Adukalam”

Best costume designer  :      Indrance Jayan (Tamil film)

Best choreography         :       Dinesh kumar (Adukalam)

Best Marathi film             :     Mana Ayi Vacha

Special jury award          :     Mi Sindhutai Satkal

Best Assamese film         :     Jetuka Patar Dare


Microsoft Confirmed Aquisition of Skype

Sources reported that Microsoft and Skype Global has entered into a definitive agreement according to which Microsoft will acquire the leading Internet communications company “Skype” for $8.5 billion in cash. The agreement has been agreed and confirmed by the board of directors.
The grant deal took about a month from bid offer to signing, the Microsoft Corp. outbid Facebook and Google in the race, which sources said offered to buy or partner Skype for $4 billion to $3 billion. The acquisition will mark increased accessibility of real-time voice and video communications, opening new beneficial arenas to both the enterprise users and world-wide customers.
The new combination is projected to extend the world-class brand Skype and the reach of its networked platform, while effectively enhancing the existing portfolio of Microsoft.

Why Microsoft Acquiring Skype for $8.5 million???

It is reported that Skype has been up for sale for some time, Google and Facebook entered the race to acquire Skype along with the software giant Microsoft. But why Microsoft desperately needed Skype?? The biggest reason is Nokia and Windows Phone 7 (Mobile OS). The software giant needs a competitive and effective offering to Apple’s emerging communication platform, Facetime and Google voice.
But the biggest achiever in this deal could probably be the Facebook. Since Microsoft is an eminent investor in Facebook, it can easily access the Skype assets.

The Skype Owners

The co-founders of Skype, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis with their 14-percent stake can take $1.19 billion home while Silver Lake, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and Andreessen Horowitz can take $4.76 billion home becoz of their 56 percent investment in Skype.

Iraq War- Bloodstains on History

“Torture is crime, even if Americans do it.”
~ God ,01-10-2007

Have you heard about Nazism and Colonialism?? Could you ever believe that Iraq war was the result of some faulty American Intelligence ? Now Iraq and Iraq war may not be there in your memories, but history never fades. Every war reflects the urge to attain power and the selfish interests of the dominating country. Here it is the US interest on the abundant oil resources of Iraq.
Killing and torturing thousands of civilians is completely against justice.But what is the ultimate reason for starting such a war against Iraq? Whether US succeeded in finding out the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction??
There was a strong motive including altruistic motives and self interest of George Bush combined with statements of WMD and protection of middle-east.
Bush’s lie about Iraq’s WMD possession
Actually it was the interests of America that resulted in making a cooked-up story about Iraq’s WMD possession. George Bush lied to start the war with the help of some forged documents to support his false claim about weapons. Saddam Hussain had no nuclear program in Iraq and it was proved by the weapon inspectors. Bush was actually worried about the oil wealth of Iraq and not about weapons.
The photos of Iraqi victims clearly outlines the range of American cruelty. Such genocide and cruelty been never witnessed in the human history. Such a genocide and cruelty was never seen during the periods of the Hitler nor of Mussolini. Sabrina Harman (US army spc.) poses with the body of an Iraqi detainee.

Abugarib jail tortures

1. about 107 juveniles were counted by Red cross in the six American prisons in Iraq.
2. Torture and sexual abuse at Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib
3. different torturing methods in the Guantanamo jail including sleep and sensory deprivation.
4. sodomy with chemical light and broomstick.
5 Exposure to smoke and fire and Pulling out fingernails of innocent people.

The torturing methods were extremely cruel and out of justice. Check out the photos from Guantanamo jail below:

torture chamber