Mtech Admission 2011

 M.Tech Admission 2011 IIT  Roorkee

 Notification & Important dates:

 You can download the application form from March 21 onwards from the respective website. The request for issue of application form should reach the PG admission office on or before April 2011(thursday). The last date to reach the filled application form at admission office is 21st april,2011.

    * May 13, 2011 (Friday)is the last date for dispatch of letters for Written Test/Interview/Counselling
    * Written Test /Interview will be held on June 05, 2011 (Sunday)
    * Counselling for  the  PG admission will be during June 05-07, 2011 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Registration date :July 18, 2011 (Monday)

PG Classes commences on July 25, 2011 (Monday)

Mtech courses in IIT roorkee:
1. Civil Engineering (CE)

2. Chemical Engineering (CH)

3. Ceramic Engineering (CR)

4. Computer Science & Engineering (CS)

5.Chemistry (CY)

6. Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC)

7. Electrical Engineering (EE)

8. Humanities and Social Sciences (HS)
9. Industrial Design (ID)

10. Life Sciences (LS)
11. Mechanical Engineering (ME)

12. Mathematics (MA)

13. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (MM)

14. Mining Engineering (MN)

Admission to all the above courses will be through GATE Score merit list.


 Mtech admission in Deemed Universities

 For those who didn’t qualify GATE exam, it would be a better choice to look out for deemed universities. With the advent of technology and superior improvements in the educational field, everyone would get a chance to study their topics of interest through self-financing and deemed universities.

If you are looking for Mtech admission without GATE or If you are looking for universities that offer diverse Mtech courses, deemed universities would be a better platform.

Here is a list of deemed universities according to the order of priority:

1.  Indian Institute Of Science  – Bangalore, Karnataka

2.   BITS  Pilani  – Pilani, Rajasthan

3.   Jamia Hamdard   – New Delhi                                                                                      

4.    International Institute Of Information Technology  – Bangalore, Karnataka

 5.   Institute Of Chemical Technology   – Matunga, Maharashtra

 6.    Indian School of Mines      –  Dhanbad, Jharkhand

7.    BITS Mesra  –   Mesra, Jharkhand

8.     Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

9.     Thapar Institute Of Engineering & Technology – Patiala, Punjab

10.   Indian Institute Of Information Technology  – Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

11.   Gandhi Institute Of Technology & Management  – Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

12.  North Eastern Regional Institute Of Science & Technology   – Itanagar,Arunachal Pradesh


Deemed universities in Tamil Nadu

1. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham   – Coimbatore, Ettimadai

2. Vellore Institute Of Technology  – Vellore

3. Tamil Nadu2411Sathybama Institute Of Science & Technlogy – Chennai

4. Hindustan Institute Of Technology & Science – Pandur

5. B S Atdur Rahman Institute Of Scicen & Technology – Kancheepuram

6. Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology & Research Academy – Thanjavur

7. SRM Institute Of Science & Technology – Chennai

8. Karunya Institute of Science & Technology – Coimbatore

Deemed Universities in Karnataka

1. Indian Institute Of Science – Bangalore, Karnataka

2. International Institute Of Information Technology  – Bangalore

3. Nitte Unviversity – Mangalore

Mtech Admission in Central Universities

Central universities are known for its excellence in every field of education. Hence don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get PG admission in IIT’s. You can try for Mtech courses in central universities that offer superior features including faculty and infrastructure.

It is a good chance for those who are trying for Mtech without GATE. Here is a list of centralized universities that offer Mtech programs.

1. Aligarh Muslim University

2. Banaras Hindu University

3. Hyderabad University, Hyderabad

4. University of Delhi

5. Dr Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar

6. Jawaharlal Nehru University

7. Jamia Millia Islamia

8. Pondicherry University

9. Tezpur University

10. UPES dehradun



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Oil Rig Jobs

Offshore platform located in the Gulf of Mexic...

Image via Wikipedia

The prospects for oil rig jobs will remain strong as long as the world depends on oil. The energy need of every industry is inevitable and there is no alternative for this demand. In the next coming years of oil exploration, this sector offers plenty of job opportunities. Keep your ears and eyes wide open so that you can easily find a job in this promising field. Before you start the job hunting in this sector, you must emphasis on certain important factors to reach the desired job state. The worldwide oil companied provides a rich platform for the job hunters to work in this prestigious field.  If you can adhere to certain tips and steps, you will definitely get the job you wish.

  • Acquire proper training for oil rig jobs

When you lack the right working experience, acquiring the best training is a good way to get into the job. With proper training, you can definitely go ahead of all other competitors who lack experience. Most of the people are reluctant to spend time and money for training and self-development. You can stand out from others by getting yourself trained from a reputed institution. Even though the training can be expensive, but the oil industry pays good salary that could overcome all the difficulties in taking such a wise decision.

  • Entry level oil rig jobs

This sector is buzzing with numerous offers and recruiting opportunities. There are different types of jobs available in this field and hence selecting the right job would be a challenge. If you are interested in medium physical jobs and willing to work in certain unsafe conditions, you can look for these opportunities. Some of the jobs require extreme physical strain while some falls under the non-drilling category. It includes engineers, radio operators, catering staff and many others.

There are underwater welding jobs which are really dangerous, but offer excitement and great pay. The deep water offshore jobs are highly paid and offer great opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. If you have any connections in the field, the chance of getting the job is double fold. The offshore oil rig is a complex mechanism that costs billions of dollars to operate and careful workers are necessary for the smooth functioning of the system. An accident may derail the operation of oil rig for several days and would result in huge financial loss.

There are different ways to get hired for oil rig jobs without any prior experience in the field. If you have relevant trade skill or have experience in welding or mechanical jobs, you may easily get the job. If you have experience and specialized qualification as a radio operator, you have enough opportunities in this field. The job of a” maintenance Roustabout” includes cleaning the deck, painting and general upkeep. You can opt for the position of Scaffolders, storeman, mud engineer or welder. If you are selecting the entry level oil rig jobs, it provides the perfect environment to flourish well.

Offshore Rig Jobs

Oil Driller

Image via Wikipedia

To be successful in an offshore rig job, you must be willing to take challenges that average people are not willing to do. An oil field job is the great opportunity to improve and provides ample job security. The offshore rig job is not for everyone, it requires several weeks to be away from home. The drilling vessel will not be in the sight of land and involves hard working hours. You may have to face harsh weather conditions and dangerous situations in the job. It would be a frightening experience to be out for 100 miles from the land. There are wide ranges of jobs opened in the offshore fields for the new entrants.

Even though most of the jobs demand physical strain, there are certain jobs that are suited for others who wish to stay apart from the physical jobs. Most of the oil rig companies take special care of the workers and go out of their way to provide an enjoyable onboard experience. The accommodation wings compete with the five star standards despite the fact that you are working in the middle of the ocean. The oil rig companies meet all your expenses when you are on board.

The range of opportunities in the offshore rig includes driller, mudman, floormen, rig electrician, mechanic, safety man and engineer. Most of the offshore rig jobs are of 14/21 rotation so that if you work for 14 days, then you get 21 days off. With specialized jobs, you can earn more from the oil rig industry. The drill deck workers can earn up to US $300 per day and others enjoy a better annual salary. The technical, trades and engineer level positions will likely earn between US $ 65000-$220,000 per annum. The offshore life will be supplied with all the amenities with better living standards.

The offshore rig provides all the great facilities that you may not find on any land based jobs. You will be provided with safety boots and coveralls with hard hat safety glasses. If you keep a good interest on offshore rig jobs, it will definitely present a financially bright future. As a worker in the oil rig, you may have to work in night shifts and under proper supervision. The work schedule is almost a well-structured routine and sometimes has to work in week shifts so that you have to work 12 hours a day for three weeks on the rig followed by the same duration off the rig.

The offshore rig offers a special and delicate experience to all the workers. If the rig is only few miles away from the shore, it is enough with a ride on a barge. But some of the oil rigs located several miles away from the shore needs helicopter services for the safe transport of workers from the shore to the destination. A good offshore rig worker needs a good attitude and willingness to work in any condition. The demand for such jobs will remain high always and getting such a job is easier now.

Oilfield Jobs

The oilfield jobs are very much promising and have a different outlook while compared to other sectors. It forms its own niche and is unique in the aspects of workload, scope and responsibilities. The offshore oil rigs provide very lucrative salaries that attract everyone towards such jobs. But most of the job seekers usually find these jobs as physically draining and practically unsafe. Although the working environment is challenging, the oil rig companies provides specialized care for the workers that compete with other land based jobs. It is true that most of the jobs are extremely tough and physically challenging, but there are other oilfield jobs that require less strain.
There are jobs for those people who really like challenging environments. A closer look at the oilfield jobs would project the available easy jobs in this field. These vacancies project a bright future for anyone who seeks a job in this sector. The job of engineers, catering staff and radio operators are comparatively easy and is away from extreme physical work. You may choose the role of a rig radio operator so that in addition to the rig radio operations, it gives the extra responsibility of handling the rig logistics. The basic pay scale in this job category is $42,000 per annum and the selection to this post is based on the radio operator’s license.
The catering department in the rig offers a wide range of employment opportunities and this is the perfect example of a stress free job in the oilfield jobs. While comparing to the drilling jobs, the catering jobs requires no physical hard work and strain. The jobs include cook jobs and head chef along with a team of bakers, stewards and so forth. The most senior post in this category goes to the camp boss who can earn around $55,000 per year. Food is to be served around the clock due to the non-stop functioning nature of an oil rig. Therefore the catering department offers lots of vacancies for the job seekers.
When you apply for any of the oilfield jobs, you should consider your interests and skills first. Before you are attracted with the high salary and choose a job, it is essential that you consider your own tastes first. Most of the oilfield jobs are physically demanding and you have to face challenging situations in the rig. Initially access your skills and capabilities rather than going for a job that does not appeal to you. If you are not ready to take a risk, it is highly recommended to choose any of the matching non-drilling oilfield jobs.
The non-drilling job posts are the best category of jobs offered by the oil rig industry. Every year, lots of employment opportunities are given by this sector. Utilizing the offer would be the best option to achieve a sound career. You can keep your eye out on the oilfield jobs for the easiest working conditions with plenty of rewards. Be sure to select the right oilfield job that matches your taste.

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