Free Gift Cards-Tips to Consider

free-gift-cardsAre you ready to invest some of your precious time online? There are many stores that provide exciting offers for those who want to win gift cards. Consider multiple offers if you really want to win and it takes some time to research for the best deal. You can sign up for great offers online when you take a look around. It doesn’t need to spend hours on web and you may end up with filled wallet with extra cash that will help you to buy what you want.

There are many other ways to get free gift cards like transferring prescription, blood donation and many more. You can rack up some free cards throughout the year if you look around and know how to act. When you select a gift card, it may be issued from a bank or a retailer. The retailer issued cards are designed for specific stores and have expiration dates on them.

Even though the cards issued from banks have some fees associated with them, they can be used almost everywhere. If you go for a mall card, it could be used in that specific mall only. Rather than going for a card that can be used to purchase items from a specific retailer, an American Express gift card is virtually good at any store.

When you get a card, it is highly recommended to use the card as soon as possible. If the store goes out of business, there are chances that you end up with worthless cards. The most popular and searched gift cards are iTunes, Visa, American Express and Walmart. There are general purpose cards that give you the complete freedom to spend on practical needs.  The store cards from iTunes are most widely used to purchase from Apple stores.

Before purchasing a card, read the fine prints carefully to understand the card policy well. You must consider whether there is any replacement option available if the card is lost and must check the expiry date of the card. Also check if any dormant fees are deducted from the balance in the card. There may be inactivity fee associated with some cards if it is not used in time. After you purchase the card, send the original receipt to the recipient along with the card. It will be an added advantage in case the card is stolen or lost. Take time and go for the best deals that would fill your pockets.


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  1. Steve says:

    Visit for a list of free gift cards – just submit your email or zip to qualify. Thanks

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