Amazing Photorealistic Paintings

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13 Responses to Amazing Photorealistic Paintings

  1. irsh says:

    The idea is not bad…. but the fact is that , creativity is limited in to a camera frame….

  2. shammy says:

    Hard to believe some of these are paintings…add more paintings

  3. Jamshid says:

    Its new to me. Thanks for intrnducing

  4. jonathan lafuentes says:

    Why can’t you do a painting of a subject in front of you instead on a photo? A artist can see the elements more clear in reality then in a photo. All you are doing is copying from a photograph; a photo has limits but your 20/20 eye don’t.

    • jesnajamal says:

      Yes, you are right Jonathan. It is true that an artist can see beyond photographs. But here it is something about photo-realistic paintings. It also requires great technique and patience to create an exact copy of a photo.

      • Hi, since you say to copy exactly from photo, but a person that is real life, will how more element as you move closer or move farther. But photo have one element in time. For example, if see skin more close, can see subtile and light pattern, instead of one color for a whole, except shadow is one color as whole. Which I can see it is not real because shadow is one color. Can any medium cause all to be so real that you can’t tell it is real or photo?? I notice some photo that show shadow to have pattern than white one, which white one should have pattern, but shadow have no pattern but hard to see because of shadow. I did compare on my skin when I cover with my shadow, it is darker as not noticleable, but it is there. So, can any medium do that?? can a person with any medium to match exactly the same as real life in black and white and color?? I am sure black and white photo is harder because it have no pattern that you can see in color. It is more smooth and look more real. Know a person that can do that or various of person with different medium to do that on website?? Do a person draw or paint the real person in time, instead of photo?? Will it look real if that person do instead of photo?? As real life show more details?

  5. Rithwik says:

    Real stuffs will fail…. No words to describe such a talent….

  6. مستحيل انا لا اصدق

  7. Khaled A says:

    I liked the last one

  8. Faisal darwisha says:

    Amazing. it is hard to believe these are paintings !

  9. Mark Russell says:

    My art can be seen at Be warned there is an extremely graphic and confronting photorealist painting of a suicide bomber somewhere in there

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