Incredible Oil Paintings

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Sorry this post moved on to our art site fine art blogger.

13 Responses to Incredible Oil Paintings

  1. irsh says:

    beautifull collectionsss………. my eyes are stuck on it

  2. subair tsy says:

    unbelievable article.very nice.

  3. jabs says:

    nice collections

  4. jesnajamal says:

    thank you all…..

  5. Vineesh Sasidharan says:

    Very NICE,,

  6. Sabik Ameen says:

    nice works…… cant identify from the real

  7. Really….ubelievable…evn d camera can”t catch vth such an exellence
    Esp d first one….LUV 4vr Evn aftr death,…….Made 4 Each odr
    Heads ooooof 2 Greatest works………

  8. JIBIN says:

    very nice collections…good

  9. nisar says:

    awesome works in painting…

  10. AFSAL HAMZA says:

    The paintings are an eloquent remainder of the power of human mind
    and a myriad possibilities of human thought.
    Each paintings speaks volumes
    Thank u Jesna, u introduce me to some heart throbbing paintings.

  11. vibin says:

    looks so real..great work

  12. Rahiyanath says:

    superb yaar… words 2 xpress…..thanx alot

  13. kishore says:

    is very very excellent

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