Diet that Strengthens Men and Weakens Women

People are always conscious about the intake of calories and seek new ways to improve the health. Healthy lifestyle is no more a dream for those who follow a planned balanced diet. Before you go for any diet, just analyze whether you could follow the instruction and it would leave you weak or not. The calorie intake is the crucial factor that decides your weight gain or loss. The excess calories are always stored in the body and accumulated as fat. So it is advised to consume the optimal amount of calories that are essential for the body.

When we speak about diet, the nutritional needs are different for men and women. When you select a diet, it should be addressed as whether it is equally suitable for both men and women. We can see that the nutritional needs and dietary plans are interrelated and hence the sex plays an important role in deciding one’s diet.

The daily activities and nutritional intake has to be properly blended with each other. According to the physical structure of men, they need nutrients that can help them in building up the muscles, a rigid physique and more. The nutritional needs of a woman are different in case of pregnancy and some extra nutrients have to be taken to prevent breast cancer.

When we compare the diets for women and men, we would notice the difference in calorie intake. A diet rich in carbohydrates are good for men and is helpful in strengthening their body mass. But a carbohydrate rich diet raises the sugar level of blood and increases the risk of heart attack in women.

Calcium rich is diet is important for women to fight osteoporosis where as high levels of calcium may lead to prostate cancer in men. So diet you select should be the perfect one that is better for your gender.


6 Responses to Diet that Strengthens Men and Weakens Women

  1. Colline says:

    Very interesting – I never thought about this.

  2. jesnajamal says:

    Thanks Colline!!

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  4. irsh says:

    is there separate food types for men n women???? if you know tell me

  5. subair tsy says:

    must be need good helh for good life

  6. vibin says:

    thanks… from now on i can concentrate on my diet…

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