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To be successful in an offshore rig job, you must be willing to take challenges that average people are not willing to do. An oil field job is the great opportunity to improve and provides ample job security. The offshore rig job is not for everyone, it requires several weeks to be away from home. The drilling vessel will not be in the sight of land and involves hard working hours. You may have to face harsh weather conditions and dangerous situations in the job. It would be a frightening experience to be out for 100 miles from the land. There are wide ranges of jobs opened in the offshore fields for the new entrants.

Even though most of the jobs demand physical strain, there are certain jobs that are suited for others who wish to stay apart from the physical jobs. Most of the oil rig companies take special care of the workers and go out of their way to provide an enjoyable onboard experience. The accommodation wings compete with the five star standards despite the fact that you are working in the middle of the ocean. The oil rig companies meet all your expenses when you are on board.

The range of opportunities in the offshore rig includes driller, mudman, floormen, rig electrician, mechanic, safety man and engineer. Most of the offshore rig jobs are of 14/21 rotation so that if you work for 14 days, then you get 21 days off. With specialized jobs, you can earn more from the oil rig industry. The drill deck workers can earn up to US $300 per day and others enjoy a better annual salary. The technical, trades and engineer level positions will likely earn between US $ 65000-$220,000 per annum. The offshore life will be supplied with all the amenities with better living standards.

The offshore rig provides all the great facilities that you may not find on any land based jobs. You will be provided with safety boots and coveralls with hard hat safety glasses. If you keep a good interest on offshore rig jobs, it will definitely present a financially bright future. As a worker in the oil rig, you may have to work in night shifts and under proper supervision. The work schedule is almost a well-structured routine and sometimes has to work in week shifts so that you have to work 12 hours a day for three weeks on the rig followed by the same duration off the rig.

The offshore rig offers a special and delicate experience to all the workers. If the rig is only few miles away from the shore, it is enough with a ride on a barge. But some of the oil rigs located several miles away from the shore needs helicopter services for the safe transport of workers from the shore to the destination. A good offshore rig worker needs a good attitude and willingness to work in any condition. The demand for such jobs will remain high always and getting such a job is easier now.

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