Protese De Silicone- Cosmetic Breast Plastic Surgery

Silicone gel-filled breast implants

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Perfect breasts are always a dream for women as it gives self-reliance and catches men’s attention. When it comes to the term “perfect”, it may point out to the breasts that are attractive and the symbol of femininity. The beauty standards are ever changing and the concepts are always different every day. When people are more conscious about their looks and external appearance, the demand for plastic surgery has increased tremendously over the past few years. The beauty trends are more customized and the wide acceptance of surgeries to alter the external look is now a common procedure in the society.

Thousands of women who carve for perfectly shaped breasts look out for plastic surgeries to increase the sensual appeal of their breasts. Through protese de silicone, bigger and stronger breasts are not a dream any more. This plastic surgery makes a deep impact on the physical appearance and the woman who undergoes this surgery goes through a refined body state. It is ideal to increase the confidence level and the way you face the life.

For the protese de silicone surgery, there are silicone implants of different shape, texture, shape, brands and many more. To obtain the correct aesthetic outcome, the ideal type of prosthesis has to be selected. If you are opting for a lower profile implant, the cervix will appear little forward projected and this practice is rarely used. Most of the patients select high profile implants as it is of smaller footprint and gives a greater forward projection of the breasts. Women usually prefer large sized breasts and hence this profile is of higher demand. The new breast will be the result of the profile chosen by the patient.

After implanting the silicone, the two breasts will appear close. The surgery is done with greater respect to the mammary gland and its boundary. After the successful surgery, no evidence of prosthesis can be found even after you press the breasts to the center. A good protese de silicone is the one that suit seamlessly with the body contour of the patient. It should fit with the silhouette perfectly so that no one can understand it is a silicone implant. The volume for the implants are commonly known in millimeters and measured in cubic centimeters. The breast implants for protese de silicone are usually filled with silicone gel or saline solution.

The silicone prosthesis surgery lasts about 2 hours and hence prolonged hospitalization is not required. The doctor would prescribe pain killers after the procedure and the pain may last for one or two days. Within 10 days, the stitches can be removed and you may experience a short term sensation in the nipples. For the first 8 days, strenuous activities should be avoided and the guidelines given by the expert must be followed strictly. You have to find out plastic surgery experts and Brazilian surgeons are known for their expertise in this field with years of experience. This transformation will make you more outgoing and personable and is a lifetime benefit.

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