Microsoft Confirmed Aquisition of Skype

Sources reported that Microsoft and Skype Global has entered into a definitive agreement according to which Microsoft will acquire the leading Internet communications company “Skype” for $8.5 billion in cash. The agreement has been agreed and confirmed by the board of directors.
The grant deal took about a month from bid offer to signing, the Microsoft Corp. outbid Facebook and Google in the race, which sources said offered to buy or partner Skype for $4 billion to $3 billion. The acquisition will mark increased accessibility of real-time voice and video communications, opening new beneficial arenas to both the enterprise users and world-wide customers.
The new combination is projected to extend the world-class brand Skype and the reach of its networked platform, while effectively enhancing the existing portfolio of Microsoft.

Why Microsoft Acquiring Skype for $8.5 million???

It is reported that Skype has been up for sale for some time, Google and Facebook entered the race to acquire Skype along with the software giant Microsoft. But why Microsoft desperately needed Skype?? The biggest reason is Nokia and Windows Phone 7 (Mobile OS). The software giant needs a competitive and effective offering to Apple’s emerging communication platform, Facetime and Google voice.
But the biggest achiever in this deal could probably be the Facebook. Since Microsoft is an eminent investor in Facebook, it can easily access the Skype assets.

The Skype Owners

The co-founders of Skype, Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis with their 14-percent stake can take $1.19 billion home while Silver Lake, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) and Andreessen Horowitz can take $4.76 billion home becoz of their 56 percent investment in Skype.

2 Responses to Microsoft Confirmed Aquisition of Skype

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  2. irsh says:

    i heared that IBM overtake the turnover of microsoft….. i hope they will get back their no.1 position by aquisition of skype

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