What is K2 and why is it popular?

The unique blend of natural herbs with special botanical plants create the magical aroma of K2 incense. The un-comparable aroma of this incense made it popular in religious rituals and mediations. The combination of botanical ingredients created unusual smell which is more pleasant. When the ingredient level is changed, the type and strength of aroma also change. With different ingredient strengths, six variations of K2 incense are available in the market. People started using K2 herbal incense to get a soothing and easy feeling.
The special blend of natural herbs and proprietary ingredients increased its popularity. The K2 herbal incense can be used for burning and smoking. When burned, it releases a fragrant and unique smoke. It is widely used in yoga, aromatherapy and meditation because of its powers to induce a refreshed mood.
Synthetic cannabinoids are sprayed over the smoking blend of K2 incense to mimic the marijuana effects. According to recent K2 incense reviews, it has attracted many teenagers to use it as a drug for reaching high. The different K2 incense variations are K2citron, K2 blonde, K2 summit, K2 ultra and K2 sex. The first incense was made of few ingredients and it had a natural aroma. It was special scent which added a lace to modern meditations.
The second K2 incense was the result of a skilled combination of natural botanicals with citrus extracts. It was aimed at domestic uses mainly for offices and homes. The delightful touch of vanilla gave birth to the third K2 incense called as blonde, which was used mainly by women. An unexpected sensation was created by the summit incense which contained rose and bay bean extracts. It was more popular and the appreciable scent was long lasting. The potent aromatic feature of K2 ultra was more popular than any other incense.
The K2 incense is made and marketed only for a refreshing aroma rather than experiencing a high. From the K2 incense reviews, the mind-altering effects of K2 incense are clear, but no serious injuries or problems are reported yet. You can decide yourself whether to use or misuse this legal incense and every piece of information is available through websites.

3 Responses to What is K2 and why is it popular?

  1. irsh says:

    i never see one like this…… also i am hearing one like this for the first time

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  3. David Smith says:

    “K2 Incense Ban” Latest News as of 3/1/2011
    The DEA has put a ban on our k2 Natural Incense, K2 Summit Incense, K2 Blonde Incense, K2 Standard Incense, K2 Sex Incense, K2 Citron, K2 Wild Cherry Incense and K2 Passion Fruit Incense.
    The reason for this are the chemicals in these particular incense. The DEA issued the emergency order Tuesday, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reports. The order places five chemicals — JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol

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