Oilfield Jobs

The oilfield jobs are very much promising and have a different outlook while compared to other sectors. It forms its own niche and is unique in the aspects of workload, scope and responsibilities. The offshore oil rigs provide very lucrative salaries that attract everyone towards such jobs. But most of the job seekers usually find these jobs as physically draining and practically unsafe. Although the working environment is challenging, the oil rig companies provides specialized care for the workers that compete with other land based jobs. It is true that most of the jobs are extremely tough and physically challenging, but there are other oilfield jobs that require less strain.
There are jobs for those people who really like challenging environments. A closer look at the oilfield jobs would project the available easy jobs in this field. These vacancies project a bright future for anyone who seeks a job in this sector. The job of engineers, catering staff and radio operators are comparatively easy and is away from extreme physical work. You may choose the role of a rig radio operator so that in addition to the rig radio operations, it gives the extra responsibility of handling the rig logistics. The basic pay scale in this job category is $42,000 per annum and the selection to this post is based on the radio operator’s license.
The catering department in the rig offers a wide range of employment opportunities and this is the perfect example of a stress free job in the oilfield jobs. While comparing to the drilling jobs, the catering jobs requires no physical hard work and strain. The jobs include cook jobs and head chef along with a team of bakers, stewards and so forth. The most senior post in this category goes to the camp boss who can earn around $55,000 per year. Food is to be served around the clock due to the non-stop functioning nature of an oil rig. Therefore the catering department offers lots of vacancies for the job seekers.
When you apply for any of the oilfield jobs, you should consider your interests and skills first. Before you are attracted with the high salary and choose a job, it is essential that you consider your own tastes first. Most of the oilfield jobs are physically demanding and you have to face challenging situations in the rig. Initially access your skills and capabilities rather than going for a job that does not appeal to you. If you are not ready to take a risk, it is highly recommended to choose any of the matching non-drilling oilfield jobs.
The non-drilling job posts are the best category of jobs offered by the oil rig industry. Every year, lots of employment opportunities are given by this sector. Utilizing the offer would be the best option to achieve a sound career. You can keep your eye out on the oilfield jobs for the easiest working conditions with plenty of rewards. Be sure to select the right oilfield job that matches your taste.


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  2. irsh says:

    i think these types of jobs needed well knowledge in mechanical area

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