What is Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum is a perennial herb that recently gained popularity because of its hallucinogenic properties.  It is also known as diviner’s sage and it is a psychoactive plant. It has a long tradition of medicinal use in Mexico and the hallucinogenic properties are best utilized for spiritual healing purposes.

Salvia contains the active component salvinorin A which is a strong hallucinogen. It has variety of therapeutic applications and scientists have explored the various effects of this plant on the conscious levels.

Salvia is used in the form of seeds, leaves or extracts. The fresh leaves are usually chewed while dried leaves are smoked. It is an emerging drug which can take effect within seconds. When it is used in the form of extract, it will give a high effect within 30 seconds. The salvia effects are considered to be strong as it works on the receptors of brain.

When it is used, the salvia effects range from visual distortions to intense hallucinations. It may also cause visual impairment in some adverse cases. The user feels a state of dissociation with altered reality. It is advised not to drive under the influence of this drug. When smoked, it has a greater impact on the conscious level of the smoker and therefore you must be prepared well before using this drug. Having a general idea about the drug is essential before using it. This extraordinary and strong hallucinogen enjoys a legal position which is completely safe.

This visionary herb gives a state of mind which is useful for relaxing and meditation. It makes the herb unique in applications and its uses are not compared with other hallucinogens. If you have a perfect control over your mind and body, you can handle this drug easily. This cheap and non-addictive drug is mostly legal and will be a source of fun.


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  1. irsh says:

    is this is pukayila?

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