Doctoral Regalia

The graduation day marks the change of a person to a more responsible and matured phase of life. It is the gateway to a new world with redefined abilities and can be life changing. After graduation and masters, the doctoral day marks the start of a new life apart from the college to enter into the world of earning. The academic dress is commonly used for graduation ceremonies by those who are awarded a university degree.

When a person has to move out from a friendly environment of classrooms to a more complicated world searching highly paid careers, that day has to be marked and written with golden letters. There comes the importance of doctoral ceremony with prideful doctoral gowns. It is the moment when you feel yourself at the top of the world wearing the doctoral gown and cap. It has gained more popularity and attention in the doctoral ceremony to wear the gown and cap.

Role of the Attire

Every instance of the ceremony is made attractive and breathtaking by these well formulated gown and cap. All the graduates in the same dress code make the ceremony memorable and a different experience. The doctorate is the academic degree with more excellence and is awarded to bright students in each field and it is the highest degree offered by a university or college. So you have to prepare well for the ceremony as you will be the star of the day. To keep the raised expectations well, preparations have to be taken earlier itself. It will be the most precious day in your academic career.

The important part of the graduation dress consists of cap, hood and the gown. Now this clothing style has marked as a symbol of status which makes you apart from others and gives a visually pleasing appearance. The diploma holders usually have different regalia, where the stole color differs according to the level of degree.

How to wear Doctoral Regalia

There are well defined rules about how to wear the gown, pasteboard caps and hoods. The stylish and elegant gown has to be used in the proper way. In every university, there will be some predefined rules for the ceremony. The common color of a robe is black which is used in most of the universities for doctoral ceremony. Women use simple under dresses with the gown which is not attractive with any bright designs.

The day before the doctoral ceremony, the gown has to be prepared well by ironing to remove the creased look. This is to ensure the gentle look of the doctoral regalia. The robe and cap has to be used with the gown all the time on the ceremony day while cap can be removed at the time of prayer. The hood is placed over the robe to make the look more perfect. The ending of the hood is kept in such a way that it is hanged parallel to the ground.

Try to select the best regalia with fine quality and with the correct measurements to suit you well. Also you can save money if you look for affordable but quality ensured regalia from trusted shops.

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