Touch Therapy

Touch is a pure form of love expressed gently with added flavors of care and is considered as a universal action. It is often a form of healing which is believed to be more powerful in dealing with the energy levels of the body. The gentle touch has greater influence on the energy system and elements of your body as it is the primary fuel of a refreshed mind.

The touch therapy has gained is entitled as the primary source of relaxation which helps to manage stress and to enhance the immune system. Based on the healing powers of human touch, it has been a powerful therapy over the decades.It can be of different types. Some type of touch therapy can  be gentle whereas some is strong and deep massage.

Touch therapy is  effective in cases where the patient is suffering from acute pain in the  lower abdomen and stomach. It is advantageous for women during the days of menstruation. This therapy can also be used for pain relief in the legs and feet.

It is beneficial for sportsmen as it improves the flexibility of the body parts so that they can feel rejuvenated all the time.Therapeutic touch therapy massage is a general practice to provide body massage to the small newborn babies as it helps in the considerable improvement in the cognitive and physical development of the children.  This  provides overall development of the individuals and shows considerable changes in the overall behavioral patterns and social development.

You may consider healing touch therapy which is a gentle energy-based therapy technique that emphasizes  compassionate healing intention and heart centered care.  This therapy uses non-invasive, gentle touch to influence and restore the harmony, balance and energy to the mind and body. It is based on the basic concept that the human body is completely surrounded by an energy field.  Thia energy field contains energy centers that controls the flow of energy from the energy field to the physical body.

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    i know poke therapy….

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