What is Herbal incense

Herbal spices play an vital role in aromatherapy and therapeutic applications. Pulverized natural herbs are used to make incense and it includes vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon.Incense was mainly used for religious and healing activities. It has the magical power to alter the people’s mood and state of mind.

Herbal incense is made of aromatic herbs to render the great feel of freshness through scents. It helps to make a refreshing aroma that lasts long and thus keeps a pleasant feeling around you. It comes in various scents and in different strengths. Most widely used aromas are strawberry and mango. This can be prepared from your home and it is traditionally made from flowers, dried leaves and essential oils. Now you can get quality incense materials from market to make wonderful herbal incense. It is also readily available in the form of incense sticks. They are designed to provide instant relaxation and give a soothing effect.

Herbal incense is used in combustible and noncombustible forms. For the noncombustible herbal incense, aroma of the dried plant is used with the help of a charcoal block. For the combustible method, herbal incense is taken in the form of sticks or cones.Some herbs may lose their aroma when burned and in such cases, this method is mostly preferred.  Use of potassium nitrate helps the incense to burn well and evenly.

The herbal incense reviews shows that the use of herbs for incense have remarkably increased in the recent years. Some brands of incense are specially made to give the relaxing effect with selected herbs. There are many brands available in stores and you can buy any scent of your taste. By reading the articles and herbal incense reviews, you will get a clear picture about incense and its effect on moods. It is found that herbal incense is effective as a stress remover if you inhale the pleasing aroma for some time.

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