The different kinds of k2 spice

The K2 spice remains an untold mystery in terms of its special and specific ingredients. These products claim to contain only natural herbs and traditional botanicals. But some recent studies revealed the presence of synthetic cannabinoids in K2 spices.Testing of this herbal incense produced no illegal substances and no explanation related to its high effect is discovered so far.

There are many flavored varieties of K2 spice which includes K2 spice citron, K2 spice blonde, K2 spice summit, K2 spice gold, K2 spice silver and K2 spice blue. The most popular K2 spices are K2 spice incense gold and silver.The synthetic ingredient found in K2 spice is JWH-018 which have different chemical properties from marijuana. But the ‘high’ effects of K2 spice mimics marijuana in many ways and people go for such incense as an alternative drug.

The K2 spice blonde incense is light in scent but have strong effect when used. The blend of vanilla and nutmeg makes it special all-purpose incense. The lighter scent of this incense makes it a perfect starter with added delicious scent. The K2 summit incense is smooth and impressive with rose extracts. This popular K2 spice incense is very impressive with its special aroma. The calendula extracts of K2 citron makes a tropical and refreshing aroma. The K2 spice strawberry is called as K2 pink which features a delightful and fresh aroma.

The K2 herbal incense is legal in many places and in some states, the sale of K2 spices are banned. The question over the safety of K2 spices are combined with health issues. The synthetic cannabinoids found in K2 spices are proved harmful for human consumption. No scientific studies have been conducted to test the effects of these synthetic ingredients on human body. So the K2 herbal incense cannot be considered safe as it lacks proper scientific proof. Because of the fake harmful products in the market, you have to search for more trusted and reliable products.


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