Child ADHD and Treatment

If you are searching information about child ADHD, your search ends here! Recently there has been a tremendous increase in the number of children diagnosed under ADHD. But most of the information available on this disease is misleading and confusing, hence majority of parents couldn’t understand the symptoms of this disease clearly. Understanding child ADHD is important to realize the symptoms and signs of this disease in your children. Today, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is common among the children and the disease is diagnosed only after a continuous period of observation. You cannot conclude that your child is suffering from this disorder unless you find correct symptoms of the disease.

The symptoms of child ADHD needs to be observed for a minimum of six months and if a child shows signs of inactivity or hyperactivity for several months, it can be considered as child ADHD. These symptoms can be diagnosed by the parents alone, but if you consult a doctor it will be easier to diagnose the disease with standard guidelines. The initial step includes gathering information from several sources including school, parents and caregivers. The comparison of the child’s behavior with other children of same age would be beneficial to understand the behavioral changes effectively.

Three major categories of symptoms are recognized for child ADHD. According to these three categories, there are specific guidelines to diagnose the disease. It includes:

  • Inattention

If your child have trouble in paying attention and is easily distracted from activities, it can be termed as inattention. Your child may face difficulty to concentrate on a particular activity and couldn’t focus for long hours.

  • Hyperactivity

This is entirely different from the first case. Hyperactivity can be considered as a symptom of this disease as your child transforms to react in a hyper form to situations.

  • Impulsivity

This is also a major symptom of child ADHD as your child starts doing things without thinking about it and this impulsive response may create complications.

Before considering these symptoms it is necessary to understand that at times, children may show hyperactivity or can be distracted. This type of occasional distraction or hyperactivity cannot be taken as the true symptom of child ADHD. If you notice serious behavioral problems and some kind of impairment that reflects on the performance in studies and other activities, such condition should be treated with ample care. Sometimes there may be difficulty in keeping and making friends or changes in the school performance, these unusual happenings should be monitored on a regular basis so that you can reach into a solid conclusion about the disease.

Parents always search for quick diagnosis techniques, but unfortunately there is no x-ray, blood test or any such tests for child ADHD and the doctor could diagnose the disease only after going through a series of ADHD symptom checklists.

The medical expert needs to evaluate the condition of the child and check for other coexisting conditions like learning disabilities, conduct disorder, anxiety and depression. When you are concerned about ADHD in your child, a pediatrician would be the first person to consult to get the necessary information.

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  1. irsh says:

    very usefull for those who are struggling with these problems

  2. irsh says:

    very usefull for those parents who are struggling with these problems with their child

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