Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Are e-cigarettes safe??Electronic cigarettes are conquering the markets as a safe and healthy alternative for traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are the source of many harmful chemicals including nicotine and other carcinogens. The habit of smoking is injurious to health and most of the people smoke even after understanding the health risk created due to smoking.  E-cigarette is a boon to many of the smokers who wish to quit this habit of smoking.

The e-cigarettes give you the same feel of a normal cigarette. It contains a heating element which is used to vaporize the nicotine contained in propylene glycol and this vapor is inhaled by the smoker. The electronic cigarette reviews clearly points out that no genuine studies have been conducted regarding the effect of nicotine vapors in human body. Moreover, nicotine is an additive which will keep you addicted on e-cigarettes and it is not the perfect way to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are called as smokeless cigarettes or personal vaporizers as they resemble the old fashioned cigarettes in style and shape. The electronic cigarette reviews shows that it is safer than normal cigarettes as it do not pollute the air. It is a device operated using battery and there is no need to light it up using fire. This revolutionary alternative is considered eco-friendly and most of the e cigarette reviews are showing the positive aspects of e cigarettes. It avoids the risk of secondary smoking and you can enjoy smoking without the fear of getting yellow teeth.There are many positive sides for this invention as it helps to monitor the level of nicotine used. But without a scientific proof, the e-cigarette can’t be considered 100% safe. The e cigarette reviews shows that most of the people are attracted to this new innovative technology, but it is often coupled with quality issues. The electronic cigarettes are not regulated and the risk is mostly with the contents of the e-liquid. It is not approved by FDA, so this increases the risk of using e cigarettes.

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