How To Avoid Gout

Gout has a definite and detailed cause when compared to arthritis. It is caused due to the excess of uric acid which is produced in the body by the breakdown of purines in the food. But if there is excess of uric acid production in the body, it gets accumulated in the joints and shows the symptoms of arthritis. The reason for the collection of uric acid may be the inability of the kidney or liver to remove the wastes from the body or the presence of it in the blood. Since gout is one of the most painful and troublesome rheumatic disease, avoiding gout is necessary.

You may be thinking of ways to avoid gout. But it is a wise avenue to prevent gout rather than thinking of methods once you have the disease. For a healthy life free from gout, you have to concentrate on a healthy diet and the food items with low content of purines will help to avoid gout. To prevent the formation of excess uric acid is necessary to avoid gout and this can be accomplished by selecting a diet plan that has very less amount of purines. You can definitely avoid this disease if you follow the healthy life with completely planned steps. Here are some easy to follow steps that will help you to stay healthy and away from gout.

• Drink lots of water
Water is essential for a healthy body and you have to make sure that you have at least 8 ounce of water every day. This will help in reducing the acidity level of the uric acid and help the kidneys to process the uric acid without fail. Staying hydrated would be the best way to prevent most of the diseases and especially gout.

• Avoid alcohol
Use of excessive alcohol may be a triggering reason for gout and creates a lot of side effects like dehydration and problems with body weight. Beer is found to a great enemy of gout as the carbohydrates in beer enhance the formation of gout. Avoiding alcohol consumption would be beneficial to avoid gout.

• Avoid food items with high amount of purines
You have to avoid certain kinds of food including kidney beans, lentils, Asparagus, Sea foods including herring, sardines, mackerel and anchovies. These food items contain a higher amount of purines and would result in the rheumatic disease.

• Ideal body weight
Maintain ideal body weight is necessary to reduce the pressure and stress on the joints. It can highly reduce the chances of osteoarthritis and if you have ideal body condition, it will avoid gout and other rheumatic diseases.

• Exercise
Healthy balanced diet coupled with regular exercise would make the body fit and help in preventing diseases related to joints.

• Eat the ideal food items
There are certain foods that will really help in healthy joints and plays a great role in preventing gout. The low-fat yogurt and dairy foods will be beneficial to avoid gout.

Controlling the intake of calories makes the body more fit and resistant to such diseases.

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