Who are the competitor’s to Apple’s iPad

Thousands of outstanding ideas are combined effectively to create a whole stylish and a perfect device, the apple’s iPad. It is specially designed with unbeatable applications in a slim and beautiful outlook. The striking features are new to the user giving a wonderful platform for app development and integrating to business in a secure manner. This media centric device handles a multi-touch screen with wide angle view. This innovative design has a far-reaching impact on the apple’s competitors. The impact on mobile computing market by this gentle tablet pc is real and effective.
According to tablet pc reviews, this year reached the peak of competition among many different smartphones in the market. In this period of tablets, it strongly demands special striking features and applications to survive in the market. The recent tablet pc reviews highlights the impact of apple’s iPad among the people and predicts it will hold the tablet markets for the next year also.
Most of the world’s largest PC makers jumped into the race to compete with apple’s iPad. The competition is crystal clear with the fact that actual race is between different operating systems-apple’s iOS, Palm’s Web OS, Google’s android and Microsoft’s windows 7. The Samsung galaxy tab with android based touch screen is rising as a top rival to the iPad. It is not a clone of iPad and the initial reviews shows the positive effects in the market.
The next android tablet by the Toshiba is ready to compete with iPad. It comes with Nvidia Tegra processor and named as Toshiba Folio. The ipad competitors are focusing to improve the technological aspects along with developing robust application platforms. Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Research In Motion are in their way to compete with ipad with their tablet offers.
The recently released Dell streak uses android and is one of the prominent competitors of ipad. The HP slate with windows 7 and Blackpad from Research In Motion are the other iPad competitors in the field. But apple still remains unbeatable in this race with its user friendly and strong applications.

One Response to Who are the competitor’s to Apple’s iPad

  1. irsh says:

    apple products are going to be popular in india also

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